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Pet Insurance

We know your pet is a loved member of your family.  

CL&P's Pet Insurance for cats & dogs gives you valuable protection and peace of mind when faced with an unexpected vet bill.

Pet insurance is very similar to the cover you have in the UK and veterinary bills can be covered by insurance.  

The cost of policies varies depending on:

- the cover you seek,

- the type of pet you have,

- age and health,

and as in the UK, there are discounts available if you have more than one pet.

Comprehensive pet insurance cover will typically cover your animal in the case of accident and/or illness.  Some accident policies offer up to a 100% reimbursement with a pre-defind maximum cover amount for hospitalisation, surgery costs, transportation in an ambulance, veterinary fees (visits, consultations, treatments), pharmacy bills, laboratory (analysis, examinations and checks), X-rays and euthanasia.  In the case of an illness, a policy will generally cover you for up to around 70% of the surgery costs, laboratory (analysis, examinations/checks), X-rays and euthanasia.

Exclusions may apply to select breeds and restrictions in cover may relate to certain breeds of dogs, dog husbandry, packs and dogs used for professional activities, such as security or rescue.  You may not be able to take out a policy if your pet is already ill and cov

er cannot typically be taken for conditions considered almost inevitable for certain races, like hip dysplasia in Alsatians.

A cat or dog insurance contract normally applies to animals that are:

- chipped or tattooed,

- are more than three months old and less than eight years old,

- are up to date with vaccinations.  

A policy can cost around €20 a month, and cheaper options with surgery only, for example, can cost less than €10 a month.  

In all cases, if you intend to bring your pet permanently to France then a third-party liability insurance is a legal requirement.  If you are the owner of a dog or cat, this cover is generally included in your multirisque home insurance contract.

If you do not have a home insurance contract and own a dog categorised as dangerous then you are legally required to take out a third-party liability insurance contract.  

Third-party liability insurance will cover you for:

- damage caused to third parties,

- members of the owner's family or those caring for the animal,

- anyone who is considered third parties according to the law.  

This means if your animal bites a 'third party', for example, or attacks a cyclist, then your insurance would come into play for any claim made against you as owner of the animal.

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Got something a bit bigger?


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We work with our partners CHEVAL ASSURthe specialist in Equestrian Insurance.

A range of comprehensive and appropriate guarantees for horse and rider including:

- death,

- theft,

- natural disaster

- legal defense




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