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Car, Vehicle and Motorbike insurance

Looking for Car Insurance with tailored support at a reasonable price ?

Find out more about our comprehensive Car Insurance, tailored to your needs.

A personalised rate according to your requirements.

A flexible solution that fits your budget.

A straightforward subscription thanks to your native English speaking advisors.

Free, no-obligation quote.


A local company that provides expertise and advice in English.  

Tailor-made solution.  

Free, no-obligation quote.

First-class service guaranteed

Our commitment is to provide you with assistance in under an hour in case of an accident or breakdown, otherwise you receive €30

Service à domicile - replacement courtesy vehicle brought to your home while yours is being repaired following an accident if your car is still drivable.

For Young Drivers : 5 return taxi rides offered per year...

In detail :

Our online Car Insurance in only a few clicks.

Monospace Insurance, dedicated to family vehicles.

For those who rarely drive, save money with our limited KMs option. 

Second car discount so you can save money


Do you own a classic car ?

We have Car or Motorbike insurance for exceptional vehicles.

Have you already purchased Classic Car Insurance ?

You can benefit from cheaper car insurance with a discount of up to 20%(2) on the insurance of your modern vehicle.

Thanks to this insurance, designed especially for old cars or motorcycles, you protect your vehicles that are more than 20 years old, with volume discounts for collectors.

Depending on your policy

  • Breakdown assistance and towing in under an hour (otherwise you receive €30 compensation(1)).  
  • Shipping parts.  
  • Sourcing and supply of tyres.  
  • Public Liability Cover, legal aid (purchase, sale, lease, repairs)...
  • With Classic Car Insurance: you can use your classic car to go to your workplace if your modern vehicle breaks down.
  • Accident or breakdown, depending on your policy you are covered: for damages to third-parties (Public liability)
  • Defending your interests (Legal Protection)

  • Driver personal injury cover

  • 0km collection assistance: Breakdown assistance-towing your vehicle

  • Sourcing and shipping of spare parts

  • Sourcing and supply of tyres

  • Breakdown assistance and towing in under an hour (otherwise you receive €30 compensation(1)).

  • Sourcing and shipping of spare parts.

  • Cover transfer: if you are unable to use your modern car, you can use your classic car.

Levels of cover and options to choose from

  • Level 1 Cover : Civil Liability, Legal Protection, Driver Safety

  • Level 2 Cover : Level 1 Cover + glass breakage, fire, theft, disasters...

  • Level 3 Cover : Level 2 Cover + all accident (vehicles) and collision (motorbike) damage

  • Key options : glass breakage (vehicle), Comfort Legal Protection, 0km Enthusiast Assistance (vehicle security).


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