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Boat & Yacht Insurance

AXA Yachting Solutions


We can provide you with a full range of products tailored for the insurance of your yacht.  Thanks to our comprehensive offer, you protect your investment whilst also enjoying your yacht anywhere in the world.  

Your yacht deserves the best; give her the benefit of well-designed and professional protection!

Pleasure-boating insurance, designed for enthusiasts. 

Boat insurance to match your needs: sailing, motor boating, off board boating, jet ski, semi-rigid inflatable boat...sliding scale comprehensive insurance.

In a nutshell : well-protected navigation

  • Public liability, defence and legal action (for amicably setting disputes).
  • New for old policy" for boats under 5 years old in the event of theft or destruction.
  • Excess reimbursement after two years, if there have been no claims.
  • Discounted rates depending on the use of the boat and the skipper's experience.

Your cover, our commitments, for all levels of cover

  • Our "New for old policy" reimburses the purchase price of your new boat, if it is stolen or destroyed within five years.
  • The excess is reduced by 50% after 1 year and fully refunded after two years, if there have been no claims.
  • Defence and Recovery Cost Cover, when the authorities require your boat to be sunk or destroyed. 

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