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Savings and Investments

Are you looking to prepare a long-term project ?  

The most popular investment in France ? Always the Assurance Vie

Assurance Vie, your means to save, transfer your capital on death, prepare for a project or have additional income...

In a nutshell : save within a favourable tax framework

  • Save easily : either a lump sum or through regular or flexible payments.
  • Benefit from a favourable tax framework.
  • Receive your savings in the form of a life annuity or capital

Depending on your investment profile

  • You can choose from secure funds (in euros) or unit-linked life insurance policies (invested in financial markets).
  • You actively manage your savings with innovative services (securitisation of performance, progressive market investments).
  • Our Management Agreements ensure you benefit from potential financial market opportunities.

Your cover, our commitments: flexibility and reliability

  • Choose when and how you save: tailor-made, depending on your risk sensitivity, or even on your age and the duration of your project.
  • Choose your type of policy management: "turnkey" management, with agreements, adaptive management to gradually secure your savings or personal management for autonomous control.
  • Benefit from a Floor Guarantee: included in most policies: in the event of death before the age of 70, you pass down a minimum capital equal to your payments (net of any buy backs).

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