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AXA Poissant Insurance and AXA Lanchec Insurance are pleased to announce that, effective immediately, the agencies will merge. From this day forward the combined agencies will conduct business together under the name CL&P Assurances, with their offices in Locminé and Pontivy, Brittany.


This is a merger of two innovative and professional insurance agencies which have a history of successfully working within the English speaking community in France. They hold similar values and philosophy when caring for your insurance needs, with an emphasis on honesty and integrity.

Our goal in creating CL&P Assurances is to make the most of our collective ability to meet all our customers’ needs. You can still rely on the same personal relationship that you have had in the past and you can depend on the same high quality service.

Your insurance concerns in France are ours... together we will go further!



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 75 Rue Nationale - 56300 Pontivy

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